Moving On

Rahm Emanuel Exits White House

This is how they say goodbye in Chicago: Economic adviser Austan Goolsbee gave Rahm a dead fish as a goodbye gift—an allusion to the time when Rahm sent a dead fish to a pollster who displeased him. Goolsbee’s fish was an Asian carp—an invasive species in the Great Lakes that may appear on Rahm’s agenda, should he become mayor of Chicago. In a staff meeting, Rahm acknowledged that he worked employees “very hard,” but said “I did it in service to the president. And I believe that our whole country is better for it.” Staffers gave him a standing ovation. President Obama then hosted a press conference to make official what he called, "The least suspenseful announcement of all time." He named adviser Pete Rouse as interim chief of staff. Rahm then thanked Obama and called him, "The toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest time any president has ever faced." Rahm told Obama he was "eager to see what I can do to make our hometown even greater."