Race Relations

Racist Louisiana Justice May Be Fired

Well, there are certainly better things to think about on a honeymoon. It appears Keith Bardwell, the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to officiate the marriage of an interracial couple last week, may lose his job as a result, reports CNN. "We are used to the closet racism, but we're not going to tolerate that overt racism from an elected official,” said bride-to-be Beth McKay, who is white, who asked Bardwell to officiate her marriage to fiancé Terrence McKay, who is black. McKay is joined by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Louisana Senator Mary Landrieu in advocating that the Justice be fired. "He's not representing all the people that he is supposed to be representing," McKay said. "He's only representing the people with his same opinions." Interracial marriage has been legal in the U.S. since 1967, and Bardwell’s views are also out-of-date in terms of the country’s history of interracial couplings: Almost 8.5 million Americans were joined in interracial marriages as of 2005, a number that has almost quadrupled since 1970.