Reality TV Nightmare

Rachel Brown Hell's Kitchen and Joseph Cerniglia Commit Suicide

In what’s becoming a startling trend, the second contestant on a Gordon Ramsay-hosted reality TV show has committed suicide. Police discovered the body of Kitchen Nightmares’ Joseph Cerniglia Friday afternoon in New York’s Hudson River following a series of 911 calls about a man who jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Cerniglia’s death has been ruled a suicide. The former reality TV show contestant faced mounting debt as he struggled to keep his New Jersey restaurant, Campania, afloat in 2007, when he appeared on Kitchen Nightmares. “I'm financially in trouble—the debt of the restaurant alone is overwhelming. My personal debt—wife, kids mortgage—that's a lot of debt,” he told Ramsay on the show. “Your business is about to fucking swim down the Hudson,” warned the British host. After Ramsay renovated the restaurant and gave Cerniglia some pointers, however, business seemed to improve. Rachel Brown, who competed on Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, shot herself in 2007. Ramsay’s spokesperson said the chef was not available for comment.