Race Row at Harvard

A sordid scandal of drugs, murder, and alleged racism is unfolding at Harvard. Chanequa Campbell, 21, has been kicked off campus and possibly expelled for allegedly lending her swipe card to a man who may have murdered a drug dealer during an attempted theft. Last week, Jordan Copney, 20, a professional songwriter who did not go to Harvard, was arrested for allegedly shooting suspected marijuana dealer Justin Cody in the stomach in a Harvard dorm during a robbery gone wrong. Campbell, who was due to graduate next month, lived in the dorm where the murder occured and is friends with Copney's long term girlfriend. She said she had nothing to do with the murder and that she was being singled out because "I'm black and I'm poor". Campell grew up in a rough area of Brooklyn and was at Harvard through scholarships from The New York Times and Coca-Cola.