Royal Welcome

Queen Elizabeth II Joins Flickr

She may be the 84-year-old figurehead of an old-fashioned monarchy, but England's Queen Elizabeth II is still hip to the times. On Monday, the sovereign will unveil an official Flickr account for Buckingham Palace, which is set to showcase more than 600 photos of the regal clan. From rare images of their storied past—including an 1854 photo of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert adoring each other—to recent images of Prince Harry doing charity work in Lesotho, visitors to the Flickr account will be able to browse a treasure trove of posh pictures. Fans and admirers will even be able to see photos of the future queen as a young princess, alongside a letter from her childhood nanny. The queen's outreach to social media, however, only goes so far—the commenting feature on the account will be turned off.