Quantifying Love

It may seem like everyone but you has a date on Valentine’s Day, but now there are statistics that prove otherwise. Should you contact an ex? Will a married man leave his wife for another woman? Is it romantic to propose in public? And what exactly is the seven-year itch? Love by the Numbers, a new book by Dr. Luisa Dillner, explores the numerical answers to these questions. “The seven-year itch reflects couples' disillusionment with each other rather than a search for alternatives,” Dillner writes in The Daily Mail. “ More than 50 per cent of women cite unreasonable behaviour as a reason for divorce, as do 31 per cent of men.” And guys, listen up: you can save on the roses and reservations this year. According to Millner, “What women find overwhelmingly romantic is their partner doing household chores, cooking a meal and thoughtfulness.”