Qatari Investor: Cohen Requested $1 Million ‘Fee’ for Services

Ahmed al-Rumaihi, the “former head of a $100 billion wing of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund,” told The Intercept that Michael Cohen insisted on being paid a $1 million “fee” for working with him. Al-Rumaihi told the outlet that when he met Cohen, his eyes “lit up” when he expressed interest in investing in American infrastructure. When the men met again a few days later, al-Rumaihi claims Cohen was floating ideas about how to revitalize middle America with Qatari funds—but insisted that “he would need $1 million first, as part of his fee[.]” He told The Intercept that he did no pay Cohen. President Trump’s personal attorney “since-revealed account ledger includes no payment from al-Rumaihi, or any companies connected to him,” the report says. Cohen said al-Rumaihi's claims are “untrue.”