Qaddafi's Loony Rant

It’s fitting that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is currently homeless: He’s ranting like a crazy man before the U.N. Qaddafi used his speech on Wednesday to attack the U.N. itself. Waving a copy of the U.N. charter, Qaddafi said, “We do not accept it, we do not acknowledge it, neither do we recognize it.” He called the Security Council “terrorism itself,” compared it to Al Qaeda, and will submit a plan for a new security council that he designed himself. As a representative of the African Union, he also congratulated “our son” Obama, praising the “black, African Kenyan” and saying “we would be happy if Obama would stay forever as president.” He also suggested a new location for the U.N. instead of New York, complaining about the jetlag. His speech, which was scheduled to last for 15 minutes, ran over 100 minutes.