He Said/She Said

Put Pelosi ‘in Her Place,’ Says NRCC

Nothing like a Washington feud for some good old-fashioned he said-she said: Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz ridiculed the GOP as "80 percent male, 100 percent white" in response to the National Republican Congressional Committee's spokesman urging Gen. Stanley McChrystal to put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "in her place." The NRCC's sneering statement was in response to Pelosi's comment on Charlie Rose—which echoed similar ones from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and National Security Adviser Jim Jones—that the Afghanistan commander should "go up the line of command" when pushing for his military strategy in that country, instead of, say, giving speeches in London. The NRCC's statement mocked the Speaker as "General Pelosi," and Rep. Wasserman Schultz interpreted the tone as sexist, saying of the Republican Party: "It's evidence they long for the days when a woman's place was in the kitchen. Now a woman is third in line for the presidency... But it's not surprising, coming from a party that's 80 percent male and 100 percent white."