Puerto Rico Guv: We’re on Brink of Humanitarian Crisis

Puerto Rico is on the brink of a “humanitarian crisis,” said Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló, just a week after the monstrous Hurricane Maria knocked out the island’s supplies of power, water, and fuel. Rosselló has called on Congress to increase funding in order to prevent even further disaster, with little response from Washington. “People were abandoned for seven days,” said Alejandro Melendez, a resident of a retirement community in San Juan. “There were sick people on the floor, thrown there.” Cannabis Angel Nebot, 43, who lives in Arecibo, added: “They are not giving us anything, not even hope. At least, come around and give us hope, even if it’s a lie.” President Trump finally referenced the growing natural disaster Monday night, with a series of tweets that appeared to blame Puerto Rico’s financial issues for its problems.