Puerto Rican Drug Lord Caught

After a prison break and 10 years on the lam, Puerto Rican drug lord Jose Figueroa Agosto was arrested by federal authorities in San Juan on Saturday. Agosto is suspected of importing drugs to the U.S. from Colombia, via Puerto Rico. The authorities had come close to nabbing Agosto before; last September Dominican police shot out a tire of his jeep, but Agosto escaped on foot. Police confiscated an apartment, a ranch, a small zoo, and an armored Mercedes with $4.6 million in cash inside. Despite using multiple aliases, Figueroa was sometimes astonishingly public, such as the time when he called into a Dominican radio show to boast about his escape and pledge $800,000 to anyone who killed one of the top Dominican police officers. "We know that the tentacles of Mr. Figueroa Agosto are long," said a special agent in charge of the FBI in Puerto Rico. Agosto was caught while disguised in a wig, much like Jamaican kingpin Christopher "Dudus" Coke.