Protests Could Last All Summer

The turmoil in Iran may not be going away any time soon. One group of analysts say that the crisis could last through the "long, hot summer," as neither side appears to be losing momentum. The reformist protesters in Iran are certainly not backing down, as election runner-up Mir Hussein Mousavi has called for his supporters to flock to mosques tomorrow and mourn their fallen compatriots, who officially number seven, though other reports put the number higher. The call for more protests directly contradicts Ayatollah Khamenei, who has said the dispute should be carried out through the Iranian electoral system. Meanwhile, Iranian authorities have stepped up their threats to protesters and foreign reporters. One official even threatened protesters with the death penalty. The Revolutionary Guard of Iran is also attempting to undermine the social networking sites that have proved so crucial to coordinating protests, while blaming foreign media and the U.S. for stoking the furor.