Protests Continue After Saleh Offers to Leave

Protesters in Yemen are keeping pressure on President Ali Abdullah Saleh after he announced his departure Saturday. In a deal drawn up by the Gulf Cooperation Council, Saleh has agreed to step down within weeks in return for immunity from prosecution. But the demonstrators who have been camped out in the central square of the capital Sana'a continued to call for his departure, shouting “No negotiation, no dialogue—resign or flee.” Scores of protesters have been killed in Saleh's violent attempts to cling to power over the last months, and protesters are wary that the 30-day window Saleh has before resigning will allow him to crack down further. The opposition coalition has signaled that they are open to Saleh's proposed resignation, which calls for him to hand over power to his vice president a month after an agreement is signed with the opposition, though they rejected a proposal to join a national unity government.