Protesters Heckle Gingrich

This does not bode well for future endorsers. Newt Gingrich was heckled Wednesday by Occupy Des Moines protesters—and eventually chased down the stairwell. Gingrich was in Des Moines to receive the endorsement of Iowa House Speaker Kraig Paulson, one of the state’s top Republican leaders. The nine protesters yelled “Put people first” while Gingrich spoke. The candidate responded that he had encountered protesters at the University of Iowa recently and “that same one 10th of 1 percent—all noise, no thought—tried to drown out the conversation, so I appreciate you putting that in perspective.” After Gingrich finished speaking, the protesters chased him and his wife, Callista, down the stairs of the capitol. Meanwhile, in a cheeky attack on the former House Speaker, the super PAC American Bridge has bought and programmed it to redirect to other websites, including Tiffany's, Craigslist, and Freddie Mac's site.