Gay Marriage

Prop 8 Ruling May Threaten Obama Agenda

The decision by a California judge to overturn Proposition 8, the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, Wednesday is being celebrated by gay rights advocates, but it could put President Obama in a tough spot. Obama has had a complicated stance on gay marriage since the 2008 presidential campaign, opposing both gay marriage and Prop 8, saying the rule unfairly singled out one group. Activists don’t understand why Obama is still reluctant to support gay marriage. The California decision might finally force the issue. The White House issued a brief statement on the decision, saying the administration didn’t endorse or reject it. Obama and his staff have worked hard since his election to keep divisive culture war issues on the back burner. The wars, the economy, unemployment, and health care may continue to keep gay marriage in the background, but for how long is unclear.