Producers ‘Never Heard of’ Ricin Suspect

Yikes, talk about adding insult to injury. Shannon Rogers Guess, the woman arrested for allegedly mailing letters laced with ricin to President Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was apparently pretty forgettable to the producers of The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries. Producers from both shows tweeted Saturday that they couldn’t remember Rogers Guess, who had non-speaking roles on both shows. “Some actress from TWD sent ricin letters to the Prez? Never heard of her. Anyone know what role she played,” TWD producer Glen Mazzara tweeted. In response, Vampire Diaries Julie Plec answered “if she played an equivalent part to what she played on TVD, she was third background from the right. Or something.” Ouch. Rogers Guess, who is pregnant with her fifth child, had initially said her husband, army vet Nathanial Richardson, had sent the letters.