Prison Didn’t Stop Traitor

Harold Nicholson, the highest ranking CIA officer ever convicted of spying, already had a sensational enough life story after intelligence officials caught him selling the secret identities of his fellow agents to the Russians for a pile of ducats. Now the government is accusing the famed traitor of continuing his spy work through his army veteran son, Nathan, who was only 12 when Nicholson was put in jail in 1997. According to an unsealed indictment, the two coordinated trips to Mexico, Peru, and Cyprus to meet Russian agents and pass on information beginning in 2006. Nathan would return with $35,000 for his troubles, partly hidden in PlayStation videogame cases. "You have been brave enough to step into this new unseen world that is sometimes dangerous but always fascinating," Harold Nicholson wrote to his son last July, according to the New York Times.