Public Opinion

Prince William Should Be Next King

Two new polls are out that say Britons would prefer William and Kate as the next king and queen instead of his father Prince Charles and wife Camilla. One poll claims 64 percent of people want Prince William to take the throne after Queen Elizabeth, and the other shows that 44 percent want Charles to step aside. Prince William is also drawing the line when it comes to his and Kate Middleton’s privacy. He will instruct Gerrard Tyrrell, one of Britain’s leading privacy lawyers, as soon as he or his fiancée feels a photographer has invaded their privacy during the couple’s engagement. William came close to taking legal action three years ago when he and Middleton were pursued by photographers on motorbikes, scooters, and a car when leaving a nightclub. Middleton actually has sued before, successfully, for a breach of privacy after a magazine published photographs of her playing tennis during a family Christmas holiday.