Prince Harry Back on Market

Good news, Prince Harry Fan Club! The royal heartthrob is single again. “Senior royal sources” report the prince and his girlfriend of five years, blond Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy, split last week. “The couple had a lot of fun but the relationship has run its course,” a senior courtier tells the News of the World. “They are still on speaking terms but they are categorically no longer an item.” But Chelsy’s friends say she broke up with Harry because she could no longer “put up with his lifestyle” and was annoyed with all the “time spent apart.” Although the two just returned from a “romantic break” in Mauritius, the Daily Mail reports, they’ve been leading increasingly separate lives, with Chelsy, 23, studying—ahem—law in Leeds while Harry is doing helicopter training in Hampshire. No official comment yet from Clarence House on the big news.