Priest in Boston Clergy Scandal Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Boy in Maine

Defrocked priest Ronald Paquin—a central figure in the Boston clergy abuse scandal depicted in the film Spotlight—was found guilty Thursday of abusing a boy in Maine during the 1980s. Paquin, now 76, served over a decade behind bars for the sexual abuse of a Massachusetts altar boy after he admitted to abusing at least 14 boys as part of the Boston scandal. In this most recent trial, two men testified that Paquin repeatedly assaulted them as children, but a jury only returned guilty verdicts involving one of them. Keith Townsend, who testified at the trial, described Paquin as a “hip priest” who often took the altar boys on trips and bought presents for them. “He would always be touching me,” Townsend said in court, according to NBC News. “He said it was perfectly normal for men to touch each other. He said it was part of a human sexuality course he was taking.” Paquin was released from prison in 2015, but was put back in custody last year. He was convicted Thursday on 11 of the 24 counts against him.