Priebus Defends Bannon: ‘Generous, Wise Person’

Reince Priebus, the RNC chairman named as Donald Trump’s inaugural White House chief of staff, defended his colleague Steve Bannon on Monday, telling MSNBC the incoming White House chief strategist is a “good” man despite his deep associations with alt-right, white-nationalist proponents. “I think everyone out there can agree that you judge people as you see them and not as other people have said,” Priebus told MSNBC’s Morning Joe, after being asked by Walter Isaacson what signal it sends to have Trump appoint a man who ran one of America’s most notorious race-baiting news sites as his top strategist. “It’s what people do, it’s how people act on a day-to-day basis,” he continued, seemingly overlooking Bannon having overseen while it published articles targeting women, Muslims, immigrants, and other minorities; and actively ginned up conspiracy theories about President Obama, Paul Ryan, and Hillary Clinton. “I’ve only seen a generous, hospitable, wise person to work with,” Priebus concluded, with no further pushback from the MSNBC morning panel.