Presidential Debate Kicks Off

The second presidential debate opened with visibly nervous college student Jeremy Epstein asking Mitt Romney and Barack Obama how they could assuage his fears about not having a job after he graduates. Romney responded by saying he knows “what it takes to get this economy going.” He said it needs to be easier for students to afford college, and to find jobs after graduation. Obama told Jeremy his “future is bright,” citing plans to build manufacturing jobs and make sure the nation has the best education system in the world. Moderator Candy Crowley followed up by asking what the candidates will do for the chronically unemployed. Romney touted a five-point plan that he says will bring 12 million new jobs in four years. Obama responded by saying that the plan would only help those at the top. The two also sparred on the auto industry, with Obama claiming that Romney’s plan to “let Detroit go bankrupt” wouldn’t have worked.