Pregnant Pakistani Woman Beaten to Death

A 25-year-old pregnant woman was beaten to death Tuesday by her family for marrying against the family’s wishes. The “honor killing” of Farzana Parveen took place outside Lahore’s high court building. The killing unfolded in a truly horrifying manner. According to witnesses, first one of her brothers tried to shoot her, and then he and the rest of her male family members attacked and beat her to death with bricks and blunt objects. Throughout the beating, her father just looked on, as did members of the public. Policemen were reportedly part of the groups that stood by and did nothing. Parveen was due in court in a case brought against her by her family. She had married a man named Muhammed Iqbal, instead of one of her own cousins, who was chosen by her family. Roughly 1,000 women a year are killed in “honor killings” in Pakistan.