Prankster Mocks Another Giuliani Twitter Typo

Just two days after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani accidentally posted a link in one of his tweets—which a clever prankster bought and directed to an anti-Trump site—another typo in an older tweet was redirected to a law blog about the Mueller investigation. On September 15, Giuliani tweeted “#REALNEWS: Woodward says no evidence of collusion.So does Manafort’s team. Mueller can investigate endlessly and he will find no evidence. The only conspiracy, using criminal means, is the campaign to stop and then remove President Trump.” But he forgot to put a space between “collusion” and “so,” inadvertently creating a link, which a prankster rerouted to Lawfare’s blog “The Russian Connection.” Giuliani has not appeared to have noticed this prank—but on Tuesday, the cybersecurity adviser mistakenly lashed out at Twitter for allowing “someone to invade my text.”