Power Plant Explosion in Connecticut

Up to 11 people were injured in an explosion at a power plant in Middletown, Connecticut Sunday. Police retracted their previous report that two people had been killed in the blast. A Middletown police sergeant said he misunderstood something he overheard on a police radio, and no fatalities have been confirmed. Some of those injured were thrown 30 or 40 feet, according to an ER doctor at the Middletown hospital. The blast occurred at about 11:30 a.m. this morning at the Kleen Power Plant, which was under construction and had yet to open. The building was in a “testing phase” and was projected to go online later in 2010, according to police. Approximately 50 people, most of whom were construction workers, were working on the site when the explosion occurred. Firefighters are still searching the site and do not know how long the investigation will take. Connecticut residents reported either hearing or feeling the effects of the explosion up to 20 miles away from the plant. The Department of Homeland Security reported it was aware of the blast and is monitoring the situation, according to CNN.