Portland Survivor: I’m Physically and Mentally Hurt

One of the three men stabbed in a vicious commuter train attack Friday in Portland has been released from the hospital and says he’s just trying to heal and move on. Micah Fletcher, 21, survived the attack, but the two other men didn’t. “I got stabbed in the neck on my way to work, randomly, by a stranger I don't know, for trying to just be a nice person,” said Fletcher. “I’m healing. That’s what I’m doing. As much as I can, in whatever way I can.” The suspect in the attack, 35-year-old Jeremy Christian, was arraigned Tuesday on charges stemming from the stabbing, during which he shouted racial and anti-Muslim slurs at two young women and then attacked the men who tried to intervene. “Two very good people lost their lives that day,” Fletcher said Tuesday. “I’m very injured, both physically and mentally. I do not feel well. And I mourn the loss of those two very brave individuals who put their lives on the line like that. I wish their families as much healing as they can in these times of immense trials and tribulations.”