Pope Francis to Trump: DACA Repeal Is Not ‘Pro-Life’

Pope Francis, nursing a black and blue shiner and cut above his left eyebrow after falling against his popemobile in Colombia, told reporters on his plane back to Rome what he thought of President Donald Trump’s suspension of the Deferred Act of Childhood Arrivals program. “I have heard the president of the United States speak,” the pope said. “He presents himself as a pro-life man. If he is a good pro-lifer, he should understand that the family is the cradle of life and you must defend its unity.” Noting that he had not fully studied the details of DACA or what its suspension would potentially mean, he added that Trump’s action is in direct conflict with pro-life beliefs. “Removing young people from their family is not a thing that bears good fruit, neither for the young person nor the family.” The pontiff, who has been outspoken about the global threat of climate change, also addressed the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and urged those who deny climate change to listen to scientists, who he said “speak very clearly.” —Barbie Latza Nadeau