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Pop Star's Lover Sentenced to Gallows

Suzanna Tamin, a 30-year-old Lebanese singer who was once a star in the Arab world, was mostly washed up when she was found with her throat slit in a Dubai apartment. Her murder, however, has brought her back to the center of the news: Today, Egypt sentenced Hisham Talat Moustafa, a rich property tycoon, political insider, and friend of the Egyptian president, to hang for her murder. According to The Times of London, “Prosecutors alleged that Moustafa and Ms Tamin had been lovers for several months before she broke off the relationship and became engaged to the Iraqi kick-boxing champion Riyad al-Azzawi.” Moustafa then allegedly paid a former Egyptian police officer, Mohsen el-Sukkari, $2 million to follow Tamin from Egypt to London and finally to Dubai. El-Sukkari tricked his way into Tamin’s apartment by claiming to work for the owner of the property.