‘Pooey Puitton’ Maker Moves to Save Poop-Shaped Bag From Louis Vuitton

A California toy company has filed a complaint in federal court to seek to protect its “Pooey Puitton” purse from the possibility of a copyright lawsuit from Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand its product is mocking. In the complaint, MGA argues there is no chance that a consumer would mistake its $59.99 poop-shaped, slime-filled purse for a handbag from the luxe retailer—and that the product should be protected as parody, Reuters reports. “The use of the Pooey name and Pooey product in association with a product line of ‘magical unicorn poop’ is intended to criticize or comment upon the rich and famous, the Louis Vuitton name, the LV marks, and on their conspicuous consumption,” the complaint states. A spokesperson for Louis Vuitton declined Reuters’ request for comment. Louis Vuitton does not appear to have filed any formal complaints against MGA—but the complaint alleges the tony brand made what Reuters described as “a claim of trademark infringement to an MGA customer.”