Looking Ahead

Polish President's Twin to Step In?

As Poland copes with the death of its leader, the grief-stricken twin brother of late president Lech Kaczynski may run in the upcoming elections to fill his brother’s shoes—and likely carry on his legacy. “If [Jaroslaw] Kaczynski overcomes his trauma, his brief will be clear: to reform the Law and Justice party that the twins founded and which is now in opposition,” the London Times reported. The identical twin brothers were extremely close, it goes on to say, and shared a “near-telepathic” bond—one brother supposedly replaced the other for a law exam, and the two could finish each other’s sentences. Growing up the children of academics who took part in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, both devoted their adult lives to politics, and both were active in the Solidarity strikes of 1980. Now, Jaroslaw might find it advantageous to finish his twin’s presidential aspirations. While Lech Kaczynski’s numbers didn’t look good for reelection, his brother could potentially benefit from a sympathy vote and a feeling of Polish unity unseen for some time.