Police: Woman Set Boyfriend on Fire, Put Flames Out With Urine

A Pittsburgh woman has been charged with attempted homicide and arson after police say she set her sleeping boyfriend on fire and then dumped urine on him to put the flames out. But her boyfriend says it’s all a misunderstanding. The woman, 38-year-old Leigh Ann Sepelyak, remains in police custody after police say she poured gasoline on Grady Spencer III on Saturday before setting him alight. With the help of her parents, she then reportedly used a bucket of pee to put out the flames. Grady disputed the police account of events on Tuesday, however, saying he’d accidentally set himself on fire while “completely drunk.” He confirmed that Sepelyak poured urine on him—but said he was grateful. “If she didn't use urine, it would have been a lot worse. My crotch would have been melted if she didn’t,” Spencer told TribLive Pittsburgh. “I can only thank her for that.”