Police to Question Tiger

The Florida Highway Patrol plans to talk with Tiger Woods today in their investigation of his Friday morning car accident, but an officer said they are treating the incident as a routine car crash, not as part of a domestic dispute. The gossip site TMZ reports that Tiger Woods’ wife, described as a hero for rescuing her husband by smashing a window with a golf club and dragging him out of the vehicle, was the cause of Woods' facial lacerations. According to TMZ, the sports legend's wife became enraged and clawed him after confronting him with reports that he was seeing another woman. The National Enquirer printed a story two days before the accident alleging Woods was seeing a New York nightclub hostess, though the woman denied the affair to the Associated Press. An officer said Woods' wife was "frantic" when they arrived on the scene and Woods was slipping in and out of consciousness. Police tried to talk to the golfer on Friday night, but were turned away by his wife, who said he was sleeping.