Police: Suspected Miss. Shooter Dead

Shannon Lamb, a suspect in the murders of a woman and a Delta State University colleague, is dead after he shot and killed himself, Mississippi police said. A manhunt was underway for Lamb after history professor Ethan Schmidt was fatally shot Monday in his office at the college. Lamb was also the suspect in the murder of Amy Prentiss, with whom police said he lived with in Gautier, Mississippi. He reportedly was stopped in Greenville, where he jumped out of his car and fled on on foot before turning the gun on himself, police said. Earlier Monday, Lamb had told authorities he would never go to jail. Delta State President William LaForge told reporters at a midnight press conference Lamb was a member of the faculty and knew Schmidt very well. The two had met two years ago when they were both new to the campus and were colleagues in the same division on campus. LaForge also said Lamb expressed some difficulty with a medical situation and requested a reduced load for the fall term.