Soldier Accused of Stealing Armored Tank Apparently Tweeted During Chase

A 29-year-old soldier allegedly stole an armored personnel carrier from a Virginia National Guard base “under the influence of drugs”—and appears to have tweeted throughout the ensuing two-hour chase. Lt. Joshua Philip Yabut posted a photo of himself riding in what appears to be the stolen vehicle on Tuesday, writing “wutang clan ain’t nothin to fuck wit booiiiiiiii.” He also posted a video of himself behind the wheel, and asked in another tweet, “where is this damn water buffalo.” The APC was originally stolen from Fort Pickett and police ended up chasing the tank for “for more than 60 miles” because cops couldn’t stop it, according to the Associated Press. Yabut allegedly stopped close to Richmond’s City Hall, where he was attacked by a police dog and shot with a taser before being taken into custody. Yabut has reportedly served for over 11 years in the Guard, and was deployed to Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009.