Police in DuBose Case Tied to 2010 Death

Two University of Cincinnati police officers linked to the death of an unarmed black man were also named in a lawsuit alleging the wrongful death of a psychiatric patient in 2010. Officers Erick Weibel and Phillip Kidd were among several other officials sued for the wrongful death of 45-year-old hospital patient Kelly Brinson. Kidd and Weibel gave written statements that they restrained Brinson while another officer used a Taser stun gun. Brinson went into cardiac arrest and later died. Kidd was one of two officers placed on administrative leave Thursday after body camera footage disputed his claim that he saw Sam DuBose drive away and drag Officer Ray Tensing before Tensing shot and killed the driver. Weibel wrote in a report that Tensing's uniform appeared to show indications that he'd been dragged.