Police: Couple Neglected Baby for Internet

Spending 12-hour stretches at an Internet café, no doubt, is bad for your health. It’s even worse for your baby girl’s health when she is left at home. Kim Yoo-chul, 41, and his partner Choi Mi-sun, 25, found that out the hard way when their three-month-old baby starved to death. The unemployed couple allegedly spent most of their time playing a Second-Life-style game called Prius, which grants users virtual children after passing certain levels. The couple’s virtual daughter was named Anima. The real daughter was not yet named. According to police, they returned home from one Prius session to find her dead. They were arrested Friday after an autopsy revealed she had died from prolonged malnutrition. "The couple seemed to have lost their will to live a normal life, because they didn't have jobs and gave birth to a premature baby," Korean police said.