Police: Boxer Strangled by Wife

An arrest in the killing of a former boxing star: Brazilian police have charged Arturo Gatti's wife with his murder. Police officials say Amanda Rodriguez strangled the rough-and-tumble boxer with the strap of her purse while he was sleeping. Nicknamed "The Thunder," Gatti was found dead on his honeymoon with his wife and 10-month-old son on Saturday, police report. Witnesses say the couple were fighting the night before Gatti's death and that their relationship was on the outs, despite their recent marriage. Rodriguez quickly established herself as a prime suspect with major inconsistencies in her story. Gatti, 37, won acclaim as one of the most compelling television fighters of the modern era. "He was a great guy. He enjoyed life," said fellow boxer Micky Ward. "He was the heart and soul of boxing. I'm going to miss him."