Police Attack Neda's Mourners

Despite having acknowledged fraud in the vote tallies in 50 cities, Iranian authorities are following through on Ayatollah Khamenei's pledge to not tolerate further protests. According to the Lede, an aggressive crackdown on what appeared to be only a small gathering was actually an assault on a memorial service for Neda, the fatally shot woman who has become an icon among protesters. The Associated Press reports that the roughly 200 to 300 protesters that gathered were met with an overwhelming police presence, including helicopters. The police resorted to tear gas and fired shots in the air while separating those walking in pairs. The Associated Press also reports that the story of Neda's tragic end is spreading like wildfire among Iranians in spite of the government's best efforts to censor it. Neda's family has said that she was caught in traffic amidst the turmoil and stepped out of her car to cool off because of the heat when she was shot by the Basij militia.