Police Arrest Cruise Ship Captain

Authorities have arrested the captain of a 4,200-passenger cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of Italy Friday night, killing at least three people, with up to 70 still missing. The captain is being investigated for manslaughter and abandoning ship. Authorities were baffled as to why the ship didn't hail a mayday and only contacted them after an emergency evacuation was underway. The Costa Concordia hit a sand bank near the island of Giglio, sustained a 160-foot tear in its hull, and tipped into the cold water. Passengers said that the lights went out during dinnertime, and people rushed for lifeboats as the ship listed in a scene reminiscent of the film Titanic. Some survivors blamed the disorder on the crew, who they said lacked an emergency plan, but an angry crew member wanted to know why they were sailing so close to shore. Among the dead were two French tourists and one crew member from Peru.