Plot Thickens Over Russian Cargo Ship

Hmm... The Russian cargo ship that mysteriously vanished after passing through the English Channel was actually being monitored by Russian and international authorities during its three-week trip, according to Russia's top general. Now people are wondering what the ship's cargo was. "The motives behind the seizure are not wholly clear. We do not know what it is carrying,” Nikolai Makarov told reporters. “All we know is that it is carrying timber, but an investigation should determine whether it is carrying anything else.” And another detail adds to the intrigue: The vessel's crew for some reason attempted to pass off their ship as a North Korean one to the Russian Navy. Eight men are currently in custody and stand accused of piracy and kidnapping in relation to the hijacking. They are ominously described by the Russian Foreign Ministry as "two Russian citizens, one Latvian, one Estonian and four stateless persons."