Talking Point

Playing with Fire

Mike Huckabee is saying what a lot of people are thinking about the danger of Obama tangling with the Clintons. “If he’s floating that balloon it better fly, because I think that to float the idea, and then to pull it away, I just think it would be disastrous for him from a public relations standpoint,” the former Arkansas governor told The New Yorker’s Lauren Collins. “It would be twice having rung the doorbell and not taken her to the dance.” The Obama camp is playing with fire, he suggests. “Surely they did know that she was married, and that her husband is named Bill, and that he used to be President. It wasn’t like they woke up and said, ‘Oh my, you know, I forgot all about him.’ You don’t open the door when you’re pretty sure there’s fire on the other side of it that’s going to come in and scorch the room.” Hot stuff.