Mexico City

Plane Hijacker Acted Alone

After conflicting reports about the hijacking of an Aeromexico jet in Mexico City on Wednesday, officials now say that the plane's abductors were actually just one: a Bolivian drug addict who claimed "divine references" alerted him to an impending earthquake that would destroy Mexico. "Christ is coming," Josmar Flores Pereira reportedly told authorities. Pereira is believed to have hijacked a Boeing 737 carrying 112 passengers, all of whom were safely freed along with the crew. Many passengers say they were unaware their flight had been hijacked until they arrived on the tarmac. Pereira allegedly told flight staff that he was one of three hijackers and had a bomb in a cardboard box; the box did not contain explosives, but President Calderon's coincidental presence at the airport's presidential hangar raised the sense of menace.