Pirate's Mom Appeals to Obama

Even pirates have mothers who love them: Adar Abdurahman Hassan, the mother of alleged teen pirate Abde Wale Abdul Kadhir Muse, tells the BBC her son is innocent. Muse is facing trial in New York and stands accused of being a member of the Somali pirate gang that boarded the Maersk Alabama cargo ship on April 8 and took Captain Richard Phillips hostage in a lifeboat. Hassan is appealing to Obama for mercy for her 16-year-old son, telling the BBC, "I am requesting the American government, I am requesting President Obama to release my child. He has got nothing to do with the pirates' crime. He is a minor; he is underage and he has been used for this crime. I also request from the U.S., if they choose to put him on trial, I want them to invite me there."