Photographer Jurgen Teller tells all

He’s considered one of fashion’s most provocative photographers: he donned a pair of silver satin pants to photograph himself in bed with Charlotte Rampling for the Marc Jacobs 2004 campaign, put Victoria Beckham in a large carrier bag with only her legs dangling out, and only agreed to use Winona Ryder for a Marc Jacobs’ campaign after the actress was caught stealing the designer’s clothes. But despite the commercial uses for his work, he is not your typical commercial photographer. "I am very pleased to say today that I am a fashion photographer who does other things," Teller says in his interview with The Independent. He is jarringly candid—of working with Rampling, he says, "I was in bed with Charlotte Rampling. I felt like the king of the castle,” often accentuating his recollections of Marc Jacobs photo shoots with curses and witty banter. Very few photographers can say that their advertising campaigns can double as art for a coffee-table book, but next month, Teller’s work will be published in such a fashion, documenting all of Teller’s photographs for Marc Jacobs.