Phoenix Beheading Suspect Howls in Court

A Phoenix man who police charged with decapitating his wife and two dogs let out a howl in court as a prosecutor told a judge what the suspect had been accused of, according to footage released Monday. Police accused Kenneth Wakefield, 43, of repeatedly stabbing his 49-year-old wife Trina Heisch before decapitating her. Wakefield, who has a history of mental illness, appeared in court Saturday after he was released from a hospital and booked into jail on suspicion of murder and animal cruelty. He reportedly had gouged out his own eye and cut off his own hand, police said. Wakefield told police he smoked synthetic marijuana before stabbing Heisch and that “he was trying to get the evil out of Trina,”police said in the probable cause statement. He reportedly spent 10 years in a state mental hospital for stabbing a relative in 2003 and was released 10 months ago.