Fan Tased

Philly Police Stand Behind Taser

The Philadelphia Police Department is standing behind the officer who tased a baseball fan at a Phillies game on Monday night. The parents of Steve Consalvi, the teenaged fan who ran onto the field during Monday's game, apologized publicly, but wouldn't let their son speak to the press. Most of the time when an incident like this occurs, it results in a brief, harmless chase around the field by stadium security. However, an incident at a Kansas City Royals game in 2002 upped the ante, when a father and son stormed the field, carrying a pocket knife and assaulted the Royals' first-base coach. A Phillies spokesperson said, "The Police Department is investigating this matter and the Phillies are discussing with them whether in future situations this is an appropriate use of force under these circumstances. That decision will be made public."