Phillip Lim Flashes Back to the Sixties

Though Crain's New York reported that design wunderkind Phillip Lim cancelled his backstage support (ironing, dressers, hemming) less than 24 hours before his runway show on Wednesday night--to save money, Lim opted to use interns instead--what came down the runway showed no signs of a letdown. From the first look (and the first sounds of a live performance by Fashion Week's It-singer, Lissy Trullie), reports WWD, it was clear that Lim is enamored with the swinging London of the '60s this year. His models wore Beatles-style bob wigs and clomped down the runway in Sgt. Pepper-ish jackets, floral burnout minidresses, a black chiffon gown emblazoned with mushrooms (named after Stevie Nicks), skinny bootleg trousers, and Mongolian fur chubbies. With names for his outfits like "Hendrix" and "Carnaby," Lim's theme was less than subtle—but it worked. Lim fan Kanye West--who has magically appeared at every major show this season—seemed to love the collection as much as the press did.