Philippine Mayor On Duterte's Drug List Killed

Rolando Espinosa, a mayor on Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s list of suspected collaborators with drug gangs, was killed in a prison shootout on Saturday, police said. Espinosa, the mayor of Albuera, had turned himself in to police in August after Duterte asked him to admit to his involvement in the drug trade. He was later released from jail but then arrested again on Oct. 5. Police say Saturday’s shootout began when Espinosa and another inmate fired at police trying to serve a search warrant. Espinosa, who always denied being part of the drug trade but admitted that his son was involved, is now the second local government executive to be killed after winding up on Duterte’s so-called “narco-list.” Lawmakers have expressed alarm over Espinosa’s death, calling for a thorough investigation amid fears it was an extrajudicial killing. The presidential administration released a statement calling it “unfortunate.”