Pharma CEO Shkreli Says He Was Targeted

Embattled pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, who was arrested last week on charges of securities fraud, said Sunday he was unfairly targeted because he raised the price of life-saving drugs. In his first interview since his arrest, the 32-year-old told The Wall Street Journal that authorities were coming after him for his much-criticized move to raise the price of the AIDS-related drug Daraprim by 5,000 percent. “Beating the person up and then trying to find the merits to make up for it—I would have hoped the government wouldn’t take that kind of approach,” he said. Shkreli stepped down as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals last week, just one day after he was arrested on charges of securities fraud and misleading investors in his previous hedge fund. The ex-CEO also said Sunday his phone, social media, and email accounts were hacked. Shkreli’s Twitter account on Sunday included posts that read, “I am now a god.”