Perry Slams Gingrich on Fidelity

Yikes, Saturday night’s debate got personal fast. Days after his controversial anti-gay Iowa ad aired, Rick Perry slammed Newt Gingrich’s by saying that “the issue of fidelity is important.” “If you would cheat on your wife, if you would cheat on your spouse, then why wouldn’t you cheat on your business partner,” Perry said. Gingrich said he agreed “you have to render judgment” and conceded that he had “made mistakes, at times I’ve had to ask God for forgiveness, I’ve had to ask for reconciliation.” While Romney tried to play up his role as a grandfather, Gingrich also tried to play up his role as a “68-year-old grandfather,” saying that he is “delighted the way that people have been looking at who I am, to look at what my record has been.”